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Do you have a great business opportunity?

Fidelcrest raises capital from private and institutional investors who are searching for high-margin international investment opportunities with minimum risk. Our everyday job is to connect investors and investment opportunities from all round the world. We choose our clients very carefully but if your business idea will match with our strategy, risk management compliance and profit targets – we can guarantee you will get FUNDED BY FIDELCREST!

If your business or investment opportunity can make us profit more than 30% per year please SIGN UP and tell us more!


Are you a skilled Trader?

We are constantly searching for best traders who have potential to trade funded accounts up to $200,000.
To become a funded Fidelcrest Trader you have to choose a trading account and pass the trading challenge to show us your trading skills.

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Why to invest in Fidelcrest?

Our mission is to make living with Forex trading profits possible for all people who have at least a smartphone, internet connection, credit card or cryptocurrency wallet – without risk to lose their own capital. And yes, we are doing very well!

Our strategy is to find the most skillful and committed traders. And we have a tool for this: Fidelcrest Trading Challenge where trader (or trading robot) has to follow strict rules and make more than 10% profit within 30 days. For investors this concept is a golden goose. Our investors can take advantage in the most talented people in the world, many of them using highly developed machine learning based trading robots. We believe that more than 90% from all trading will be done by robots within the next 5 years. But there is always human behind the software and he wants steady profit just like you.

  1. We have created tools and concept to find the most profitable investment opportunities in the market
  2. Our strict risk management policies and investment strategy provides high annual return with minimum risk
  3. Our optimized company structure offers multiple tax benefits and high level of privacy
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Fidelcrest announces Cattle Ranching Investment Opportunity with Agro Brazil Invest

June 11th, 2019|Investors, News, Press Releases|

MATO GROZZO, BRAZIL: Fidelcrest proudly announces their partnership with Agro Brazil, a multinational Cattle Ranching & management company whose specialty is in providing sustainable Cattle Ranching in Brazil´s Mato Grosso, the cattle hub of Brazil.

Automatic Exchange of Information – Russia is no longer reportable

May 3rd, 2019|News|

HM Revenue & Customs have released an update which may be of significant interest to you and your non-EU clients, with regards to international tax planning. These changes means that the details of any UK bank or investment accounts held by a person resident of Russia in 2018, will not be exchanged with the tax authorities in Russia in 2019.

Forex Trading Challenge launched to recruit skilled traders

February 3rd, 2019|Investors, News, Press Releases|

The challenge serves as a method to identify who are the traders that will be able to cope with the stress and daily mental difficulties associated with day-to-day trading. Those who successfully win the demo challenge are considered strong and competent for the responsibility of trading a Fidelcrest funded account.