In these challenging times, we have thought of our traders that is why all our Micro Accounts are available now with a special offer: $25 Sign Up Bonus! Are you ready to start your micro trading career?

Fidelcrest is the easiest way to get your skills and your performance certified and earn up to 90% of profits while learning, we cover the losses. Micro Accounts represents the perfect way to start collecting your own capital.

What are the benefits we offer?

Fidelcrest MicroFx Trader program is a great way to learn all the skills and tricks about trading funded accounts with minimal risks for all the parties involved. Our benefits range from:

  • Account sizes ranging from $2,500 to $15,000
  • The Trading Challenge is 10 to 30-day simulated trading account with 2.5% – 10% profit target
  • After passing the Trading Challenge, you can start trading funded Professional Account and earning commissions.
  • Your Professional Account will be introduced for Fidelcrest Investors and will also become available for copy-trading after approval by our risk management team.
  • You can keep from 40% to 90% of profits depending on your chosen trading strategy and history every month you have reached the chosen min. profit target (2.5% or 5% or 10%)
  • You can trade your funded account as long as all agreed trading objectives have been followed
  • 3 strategy types: Low-Risk, Medium Risk and Aggressive
  • 24/7 support from our support team.

Where can you sign up?

You can always sign up here and discover all the information you need to know before deciding to start your own trading career and start earning more money.

You can find all the information regarding the capital you need to trade, trading period, minimum trading days, positive days, maximum daily loss, maximum loss, profit target.

We also work with some brokers that could help you with the capital you need for your micro account here.

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