Andy S., from Indonesia, is a highly disciplined Trader who was able to pass the $5K Challenge with a Normal Risk Strategy. We reached out to Andy to get some feedback about  Trading and Fidelcrest. Here’s the interview…

Fidelcrest: Tell us a little about yourself. Where you’re from and how you got started Trading?

Andy: I’m Indonesian and due wage cutting i get last year i started to trade forex, my accountancy background also help me to appreciate forex risk in my further journey.

Fidelcrest: How long have you been Trading? (Demo and Real Accounts.)

Andy: I realized since last year i trade my very small amount real account with up and down due to emotional factor using too big risk management in beginning and now with fidelcrest trading objective as part of my forex trading plan i’m looking for consistency and believe myself to trade as other pro traders to be one of my goals.

Fidelcrest: What is your overall experience working with Fidelcrest?

Andy: I learned a lot from my own mistake in first challenge and will use this opportunity to trade phase two with my best effort.

Fidelcrest: What Instruments do you trade?

Andry: I want to focus to trade GBP/ USD as now on but open to possibility to add another pairs in future.

Fidelcrest: What Broker did you choose to Trade your Challenge?

Andy: IC Markets

Fidelcrest: How long do you typically hold your trades open for?

Andy: 1-3 Days

Fidelcrest: Any tips or advice you would like to share with the Fidelcrest Trading Community?

Andy: Combine and adjust your own trading plan with fidelcrest objective rules and try to trade it with discipline as much as you can and will see the result.