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Fidelcrest is a fast growing Proprietary Trading Company registered in the EU and having its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary since 2019. Our business is to offer trading capital for the most skilled traders and make profit for our investors by operating the trading program called Fidelcrest Challenge.  

We found and trained some of the top-skilled traders, who are generating a steady profit of 2.5% – 10% and more every single month, whilst meeting very strict risk management criteria. Every Fidelcrest Trader has successfully passed a very intense and demanding training and verification periods.

All the traders showed their ability to generate up to 10% in monthly profit during the challenge period and over 2.5%/month after passing the Fidelcrest Trading Challenge.

Business Expenses

  • Marketing and advertising: to find traders and investors (around 20% to 30% from turnover)
  • Trader support, monitoring and risk management
  • Trader commissions
  • Funding expenses
  • Business administration
  • (…and yes we have fun sometimes too!)

How we make profit?

We operate Fidelcrest Trading Challenge

  • We let other traders/investors follow our traders if they pay a fee.
  • We get commissions from cooperating brokerages and banks.
  • Hey you found and it’s not a secret! All purchased accounts won’t pass the challenge and there is many people who just can’t trade. This means we also make profit with monitoring fees which means there is more and more trading capital available for our traders every month.

We trade

  • We use our profits for trading. And we are good. As good as our best traders are. And we risk our capital as much our liquidity providers allow.

More about Fidelcrest

Latest Updates

Fidelcrest Dakar Rally 2020

This breathtaking journey offers you the chance to traverse the diverse natural and cultural landscapes of North-West Africa, on an epic scale from the South Spain to the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, dunes of the Western Sahara, Mauritania and all the way to Senegal, allowing you to experience the most exotic parts from the legendary Paris - Dakar rally.

Customer Support

We are looking for customer support agents to work around 4-6h per day serving our traders and investors. The job is 100% online. An ideal position for a student or fresh graduate, who would love to become a part of a meaningful and exciting project.

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