Our Business Concept

Business explained

Fidelcrest connects two types of traders; Active and Passive traders. often these two types of traders come from very different worlds and they need a 3rd party to get each other introduced.

Active traders (also called “Fidelcrest Traders”)

  • Who can’t make a living by only trading their own capital (Example: 10% profit
    with $100 initial capital is $10)
  • But who already have skills to make a living by trading if they could acquire
    bigger initial trading capital (Example: 10% profit with $100,000 initial capital is
    $10,000. If a trader gets 60% from profits it is $6000)
  • Who are ready to pay a fee from $49 – 1300 in order to learn to trade “funded
    accounts” to get their trading skills proved by 3rd party and to get introduced to
    investors (=passive traders)

…and Passive traders (also called “Fidelcrest investors or Copy-Traders”)

  • Who have more than $2,500 to to invest in Forex trading
  • Who are looking for reliable signals for their trading accounts and targeting up
    to 15% annual trading profits
  • Who may not have the same level trading skills compared to Active traders
    and/or enough time to trade (targeting min 2.5% monthly profits by trading is a
    full time job)

Our concept encourages active traders to target smaller % profits with minimal risks / Passive traders with large capital available for investing and trading, are more interested in steady small profits with minimum risks instead of higher monthly profits with excessive risks.

Where does our turnover come from?

  • Trader Program monitoring fees
  • Copy-Trading performance fees (10% introducing commission)
  • Affiliate commissions from licensed Forex brokerage companies (when
    Fidelcrest has introduced a passive trader/ investor to a broker and investor

What expenses do we have?

  • Marketing and advertising: to find passive and active traders (around 20% to 30% from turnover)
  • Trader support, monitoring and risk management: salaries and software
  • Business administration
  • Funding expenses: Royalties from turnover for investors who have
    provided operational capital for Fidelcrest

How does Fidelcrest invest profits?

Profits will be first invested in trading = capital for Fidelcrest Traders OR to pay trading profit commissions to the trader if trades have not been STPd to liquidity providers, during the time when active trader is trading a professional account / 3rd party investor not found

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