Fidelcrest announces Cattle Ranching Investment Opportunity with Agro Brazil Invest

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MATO GROZZO, BRAZIL: Fidelcrest proudly announces their partnership with Agro Brazil, a multinational Cattle Ranching & management company whose specialty is in providing sustainable Cattle Ranching in Brazil´s Mato Grosso, the cattle hub of Brazil.

Automatic Exchange of Information – Russia is no longer reportable

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HM Revenue & Customs have released an update which may be of significant interest to you and your non-EU clients, with regards to international tax planning. These changes means that the details of any UK bank or investment accounts held by a person resident of Russia in 2018, will not be exchanged with the tax authorities in Russia in 2019.

Forex Trading Challenge launched to recruit skilled traders

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The challenge serves as a method to identify who are the traders that will be able to cope with the stress and daily mental difficulties associated with day-to-day trading. Those who successfully win the demo challenge are considered strong and competent for the responsibility of trading a Fidelcrest funded account.