COMPANY NAME Fidelcrest Kft. (Fidelcrest Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság)
Registration number: 01-09-348083
Statistical code: 27076363-7311-113-01.
Tax number: 27076363-2-42.
EU VAT number: HU27076363
European ID number: HUOCCSZ.01-09-348083
Registered address: 1077 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 66. fszt. 1., Hungary
Registered share capital: HUF 3,000,000
Official URL:
Customer support: support(at)
Managing Director: Mr Jussi Hallikas
UBOs: Private investors. Please contact us for more information.

Fidelcrest is a fast growing prop Forex trading company. Our business is to find skilled Forex traders who can make sustainable long term profits. Once we have found traders who have proved they can trade, we introduce them to private and institutional investors.

Our services

Our Trading Challenge concept teaches these trading and risk management skills which are required to become a professional trader or a fund manager. We have made trading accessible and inclusive for everyone. We have traders from more than 100 different countries who have been able to kick start their career through us and are now able to make their living by trading.

This kind of prop trading industry is still relatively new, though there are companies who have been offering similar services for more than 3 years. Within the last year we have seen massive growth in the industry and there are more and more companies getting started. Our key to success has been long experience from the Forex industry, excellent customer service, better terms and pricing compared to competitors and most importantly, we really do what we have promised. Our business is growing steadily around 20-30% per every quart.

Our client profile

Typically, our client is already an experienced Forex, equity or stock trader who has been trading with his own live account or other companies offering similar services like Fidelcrest. Many of our traders are highly skilled but they don’t have enough capital to make a living by trading – meaning they can’t fully concentrate on trading because they have to have a day job as well.

Most of our traders are men (86%) from the US, Canada, UK, Nigeria or India, though we have traders from almost all countries in the world. Most common ages are 25y – 35y (45%) and 35y – 45y (30%). Our website conversion rate is 0.5% and average purchase fee per client is $488.

Our traders, who will sign up and purchase services, usually come to our website through Google ads or organic search, from Forex/trading related forums and blogs, Social media posts or ads, or through email marketing. Many are also referred to us by traders who are satisfied with our high quality of services and earn trading commissions from Fidelcrest on a monthly basis!

Joining the Fidelcrest Team is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone! If you are interested in the above position please send your CV and motivational letter by form below or email to careers(at)

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