Fidelcrest Company Details

Company name: Fidelcrest Kft. (Fidelcrest Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság) / Fidelcrest LLC
Registration number: 01-09-348083
Statistical code: 27076363-7311-113-01.
Tax number: 27076363-2-42.
EU VAT number: HU27076363 (from 26.09.2019)
European Identification number: HUOCCSZ.01-09-348083
Registered Address: 1077 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 66. fszt. 1., Hungary
Registered share capital: HUF 3,000,000
Customer support: support(at)
Director: Mr. Jussi Olavi Hallikas
UBOs: Private investors. Please contact us for more information
Audit: KPMG (Hungary)
Accounting: Budapest Consulting
Lawyer: Dr. Tamás Nemes Law Firm

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Fidelcrest Dakar Rally 2020

This breathtaking journey offers you the chance to traverse the diverse natural and cultural landscapes of North-West Africa, on an epic scale from the South Spain to the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, dunes of the Western Sahara, Mauritania and all the way to Senegal, allowing you to experience the most exotic parts from the legendary Paris - Dakar rally.

Customer Support

We are looking for customer support agents to work around 4-6h per day serving our traders and investors. The job is 100% online. An ideal position for a student or fresh graduate, who would love to become a part of a meaningful and exciting project.

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