OPENING FEE: 1.000€ + 2.9% from funding target
Max. amount for new clients (company less than 15 months old) EUR 500.000
Max. amount for new clients (company +15 months old) EUR 1.500.000
Min. amount for new clients (1st round) EUR 25.000
Incoming transactions to the Fidlecrest funding account: 4.75% (from other Fidelcrest accounts)
Outgoing transactions to other Fidlecrest accounts FREE
Withdrawals from Fidelcrest account to IBAN accounts: 250€ + 8.95%
Withdrawals in cash: 1.000€ + 12.95%
Maintenance fee: 249€/month


  • Available for all legal entities including offshore corporate structures

  • Professional team to evaluate your plans and help you to achieve your funding targets

  • We will set up an holding/investment company who will collect required funding and invest to your business

  • Receive funding straight to your Fidelcrest client account – no other bank accounts required! This will help new companies to start receiving funds while they are waiting for bank account opening

  • Transfer funds to other Fidelcrest accounts

  • Transfer/withdraw your funds to other accounts or apply cash services


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