Trader of The Month for August 2019


This month Trader of The month title is awarded to Casey from New Zealand. Casey is a recent Master of Applied Finance graduate from Waikato Institute of Technology and she has been trading Foreign Exchange and Stock Markets slightly over 12 months.

Trading Type: Automated & Manual
Trading Timeframe: M15, M30 & H4
Trading Approach: Purely Technical

Average Profit Target: Minimum 3x the Risk.
Deposit Load Extreme: 6%
Trading Style: Aggressive Swing-Trading


Initial Capital: USD 2,500
Profit: USD 1,282.49 (51.3%)
Absolute Drawdown: USD 211.75 (8.47%)

Closing Capital: USD 3,782.49
Current Capital: USD 3,913.33
Total Trades: 49 (9 Open Trades)


Casey made an impressive 51,3% profit in a month! That’s right, she made over 50% in only one month, with a draw-down of 8,47% which is risk/reward ratio of over 1/6. She uses mixed trading approach employing both automated and manual trading, her approach is quite unorthodox, because she uses automated trading for trading long-term, whereas she is a manual scalper. Casey generated roughly 80% of her profits scalping, the rest of profits were made by her own EA, which she coded so it could trade and monitor the account even when she is resting. It is important to mention that Casey’s EA made 12 trades, all of which were profitable!

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