Trader of The Month for December 2019


This month Trader of The month title is awarded to Roger – a Forex Trader from USA’s sunny California. Roger has been a trader for a bit over six years by now, and he is our first ever Harmonic Pattern trader! Before becoming a trader, Roger was a science teacher in junior high, hence he was not a stranger to the value of education. His motivations was not to become reach over the weekend, but educate himself first and gradually turn trading into his full-time income. After a year in Forex and countless trading systems, Roger found his true calling – Harmonic Pattern trading.

Trading Type: Manual
Trading Timeframe: H4 & D1 & W1
Trading Approach: Harmonic Patters

Average Profit Target: Minimum 2x the Risk.
Deposit Load Extreme: 2%
Trading Style: Position & Swing (Mostly Reversals)


Initial Capital: USD 50,000
Profit: USD 7,832.45 (15.66%)
Absolute Drawdown: USD 729.90 (1.46%)

Closing Capital: USD 57,832.42
Current Capital: USD 57,519.94
Total Trades: 42 (1 open trade)


Roger exercises great self-control and never, let us emphasise that – never does he deviate from his trading rules! His trading rules are simple, yet most people would sooner or later deviate, but not Roger, he follows the rules with 100% precision and acts on them without the slightest hesitation.

First and foremost – he never risks more than 2% on all open trades, even though there are never many trades open at once, our risk analysts were amazed to see 5 trades being during volatile period – trades were elegantly used to partially cross-hedge one of the more volatile pairs. Entries are performed based on M30 and H1 patterns, but are executed on M15 and M5 timeframes for surgical precision. Regardless of the strength of any specific signal during any tradable patterns — trade will only be executed within support and resistance zones.

And just as George Soros always advised, Roger keeps his trading very simple and does not overcomplicate it in any way possible, he only trades simple harmonic and wave patters, his most favourite pattern is Bearish Gartley.

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