Trader of The Month for October 2019


This month Trader of The month title is awarded to Karl – a digital nomad originally from Austria, who is currently living in Beijing. Karl is a successful online entrepreneur and owner of two online stores by day and a professional Forex Trader by night. Karl started trading 12 years ago, he is a short-term Price Action trader, who has learned his trading skills from Price Action gurus like Al Brooks, Martin Pring and Karl’s hero and absolute idol – Steve Nison.

Trading Type: Manual
Trading Timeframe: H1, H4 & D1
Trading Approach: Price Action

Average Profit Target: Minimum 5x the Risk.
Deposit Load Extreme: 8%
Trading Style: Position & Swing


Initial Capital: USD 200,000
Profit: USD 49,677.43 (24.84%)
Absolute Drawdown: USD 8,780 (4.39%)

Closing Capital: USD 249,677.43
Current Capital: USD 250,638.79
Total Trades: 45 (6 open trades)


Karl is a great example of consistent, precise and very dedicated trader, who is able to prove to the world that Price Action trading works and works very well. Karl made 24.84% of profit in the month of October having only 4,39% drawdown. Most of Karl’s positions are closed manually, he is constantly trailing the price with a stop-loss and analyses Price Patterns of smaller time frames, where he trades, to juice out the maximum out of the market movement and sacrifice as little pips
as possible.Karl’s trading is based on trend-following, he usually opens several positions in one direction – initial on D1, secondary on H4 and short-term positions on H1 to accumulate additional profits.

Most prominent trade of the month was on the October 16th, when Karl went long on EURUSD. First trade was on D1, followed by position on H4 on the morning of October 17th and then 2 more H1 positions during the following days, consequently closing all trades on the 21st of October at 11 AM, when a shooting star formation appeared on H1, earning Karl a whole 7% gain to the capital!

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