Trader of The Month for September 2019


This month Trader of The month title is awarded to J.N. He has joined Fidelcrest Challenge only in September, however, his immaculate performance and strong system-based approach have been causing quite a commotion in Fidelcrest.
He is a trader of Vietnamese descent, who was born and lived his entire life in the United States. He prefers not to talk much about his achievements or go into details of his trading system, because he is the man of action and very few words.

Trading Type: Automated & Manual
Trading Timeframe: M15, M30 & H4
Trading Approach: Purely Technical

Average Profit Target: Minimum 3x the Risk.
Deposit Load Extreme: 6%
Trading Style: Aggressive Swing-Trading


Initial Capital: USD 2,500
Profit: USD 2,779.51 (111.18%)
Absolute Drawdown: USD 162.02 (6.48%)

Closing Capital: USD 5,279.51
Current Capital: USD 5,279.51
Total Trades: 12 (0 open trades)


J.N’s trading system is based on deep trend analysis and following the trend, his initial goal is to take trades with the highest probability of providing at least 20 pips in profit and minimal risk. Each trade is commenced with 20 pip take-profit to begin with and a very tight stop-loss. J.N.
follows the trends as long as possible, constantly moving his profit targets further away from the price.

Almost every trade generated over 10% capital gain, furthermore all the trades took place during 7 days span. J.N. Takes only high-probability trades, which explains his immaculate returns with minimal risk.

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