“The Challenge is not easy and obviously not for everyone because it is not a walk in the park. The purpose of the challenge is to identify top traders for joining Fidelcrest trading team. Therefore, traders with little-to-no trading experience may often get rejected, unfortunately.”

Fidelcrest Trading Challenge in the Quest to Produce High-Potential, Skilled Traders

Fidelcrest, a company that is well known for evoking high-flying deeds when it comes to providing access to accounts within the electronic interface of a broker which enables one to perform fictitious or actual trades in the FOREX market or another financial market proudly announces their trading challenge for individuals who are interested in becoming professional traders in a bid to give them a redefined trading experience with great opportunities.

Fidelcrest is actively involved in recruiting and training individuals seeking a career as a professional traders. Aspiring traders who pass their selection process are offered the opportunity to join Fidelcrest team and become professional traders.

Join the winning team?

  • Prove you are committed and you can trade

  • Verification that you have a solid and consistent strategy

  • Receive funding up to $200,000
  • Trade our accounts and start making 70% of your profits.
Fidelcrest traders heading to the Tallinn office

“What really makes Fidelcrest different comparing many other trading challenges is that we have actually collected required capital for traders who will pass the challenge. Our professional fund managers backed with skilled traders can easily double your investment within 6 months. Fidelcrest Challenge is the real WIN-WIN-WIN for all parties; traders, investors and of course for Fidelcrest shareholders too!”

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The Fidelcrest Trading Challenge is designed exclusively for high-potential, skilled traders. Therefore, the level of complexity and difficulty is far from easy.

The challenge serves as a method to identify who are the traders that will be able to cope with the stress and daily mental difficulties associated with day-to-day trading. Those who successfully win the demo challenge are considered strong and competent for the responsibility of trading a Fidelcrest funded accounts.

The Challenge is a 30-day simulated trading account in which participants have the opportunity to demonstrate discipline in meeting the money and risk management objectives. The trading style to be used can be determined by participants and they do do not set any limits on instruments or position size traded. They measure trading performance based on the Trading Objectives.

To learn more about opportunities for traders please see our trading challenge details here: https://challenge.fidelcrest.com

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