Fidelcrest was founded in 2018 by group of old friends and colleges from FinlandEstonia and Sweden with background in Forex, financial services and law. To understand our business culture is quite easy; we don’t talk much. But when we talk, we don’t waste time in bullshit. Fidelcrest as a company is very new as the whole industry we are operating is. We get started by brainstorming and developing several ideas how to make money with our experience and connections. Well, we spend lots of time and money to find it out but results you can read here. We raised startup and operational capital from Finland and Sweden and we were live finally on June 2019. We have been making profit almost every month though we have faced lots of hard situations too. They says “Doing business in any Forex related company is not easy” – we say “It’s like any other business but to succeed you have to have more than 10 year experience, transparent and honest”.


Yes we are the startup but we are not a bunch of kids trying to desperately break the bank. All our co-founders and investors have already lived their “Wolves of Wall Street years” and we are all doing very good. But when we start any business we want to be the best. Our target is to become the market leader in the industry before 2022. And when we have promised something, we will keep it.

Latest Updates

Fidelcrest Dakar Rally 2020

This breathtaking journey offers you the chance to traverse the diverse natural and cultural landscapes of North-West Africa, on an epic scale from the South Spain to the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, dunes of the Western Sahara, Mauritania and all the way to Senegal, allowing you to experience the most exotic parts from the legendary Paris - Dakar rally.

Customer Support

We are looking for customer support agents to work around 4-6h per day serving our traders and investors. The job is 100% online. An ideal position for a student or fresh graduate, who would love to become a part of a meaningful and exciting project.

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