Many traders have started the month of December with a head start going into the New Year.
With the New Year coming up, many traders are planning on taking their trading careers to the next level and Fidelcrest wants to help you reach your goals. Fidelcrest is the only Prop Firm in the industry that pays traders once they complete the VERIFICATION STAGE.
Lets take a look at how traders can make $20K within 20 Trading Days using the $500K Challenge Account as an example.
Challenge Phase (Step 1)
Min. Trading Days: 10
Max. Trading Days: 30
Max Overall Loss: 10%
Max Daily Loss: 5%
Profit Target: 10%
Verification Stage (Step 2)
Min. Trading Days: 10
Max. Trading Days: 60
Max Overall Loss: 5%
Max Daily Loss: 5%
Profit Target: 10%
Your Share For Completing The Verification Stage: 40% Profit Split
Keep in mind that once you hit the profit target for the Verification Stage (Step 2), and meet all other objectives, you will receive a real profit split payout for your performance! Just for passing this second step, you will be able to cover the cost for the initial challenge fee and receive profit!
Lets run the numbers for the Verification Stage profit split if the profit target of 10% is met. That would put you at $50K. With a Profit Split of 40% for this stage…your payout would be $20,000! Not a bad ROI on the initial 1,499 Challenge Fee.
For the Pro Stage (after passing both Challenge and Verification Stages), your Max Loss will remain at 5% and daily loss will be 5% as well. Profit Target will be removed at the Pro Account Stage and your Profit Split moves up to 70%!
*The example provided is for the $500K Normal Risk Challenge. Aggressive Swing is not available on $500K accounts.