Jheannie S., from Australia, is a highly disciplined Trader who was able to pass the $400K Challenge with a Normal Risk Strategy. We reached out to Jheannie to get some feedback about  Trading and Fidelcrest. Here’s the interview…

Fidelcrest: Tell us a little about yourself. Where you’re from and how you got started Trading?

Jheannie: My background is really from Equities Trading using Momentum Strategy until I got exposed to CFD Trading particularly Indices Trading where I still apply Momentum Strategy but now, I’m just trading the opening hour of the Index where volatility is high. I liked it cos I try to apply Pareto Principle in my trading business where the amount of screen time is less cos majority of my trades last for an hour and yet I still hit my quota or target for the month. I didn’t come easy. At first, I worked hard and hours for it until improve what works and eliminate what doesn’t work for me to make my trading less complicated. Now as a result, I can spend more time working on my journal and do other stuff trading and non-trading related.

Fidelcrest: How long have you been Trading? (Demo and Real Accounts.)

Jheannie: 2 years for Indices, 5 years for Equities

Fidelcrest: What is your overall experience working with Fidelcrest?

Jheannie: Fidelcrest Rules for the Challenge (Step 1) are easy to understand as per their Terms of Use. Just like any contracts/competitions, you just have to clearly read and understand them before jumping into the actual challenge. You also need to know if your Trading Strategy fits their rules or else, it doesn’t make sense to try it out if you know from the start that your strategy won’t work against their requirements (e.g. using a higher margin or higher VAR per trade). Whenever I need clarification on anything, I try to reach out to their support team and they very helpful to explain things to me.

Fidelcrest: What Instruments do you trade?

Jheannie: Indices

Fidelcrest: What Broker did you choose to Trade your Challenge?

Jheannie: Pepperstone

Fidelcrest: How long do you typically hold your trades open for?

Jheannie: For an hour or less. I rarely hold a position for more than an hour. I do day trading so all positions are closed before I sleep.

Fidelcrest: Any tips or advice you would like to share with the Fidelcrest Trading Community?

Jheannie: Through the years, I’ve learned that one of the major core aspects of trading is about risk management and patience. When my trading edge is not playing out, my risk management will save me to remain in the game for a longer time. And coupled with patience to wait for the price action to reach my key levels rather that forcing entries that will result to bad trades in the end..