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Q & A – Getting Started

For who your trading programs are and why should I sign up for Fidelcrest?2021-11-23T10:57:59+00:00

Our trading programs are for traders who already have experience with trading. We are looking for profitable traders who can trade our proprietary trading firm capital and earn commissions for themselves and our investors.
Our team consists of FX professionals with over 10 years of experience in financial markets – you can trust that we will support you every step of the way to become profitable.
We have developed our programs to meet money management targets without restricting our trader’s ability to generate gains from month to month.

Up to $500 000 is made available to manage for traders who pass our validation process. After that, a share of profits trader makes each trading period will be paid out as a commission payout when rules and objectives are followed.

By completing two $500K trading challenges or taking advantage of our Scaling Plan, you can manage up to $1 000 000 and receive 70% to 90% share of profits made during each trading period of min. 10 days.

Can I make money trading with Fidelcrest?2022-03-07T18:55:35+00:00

With Fidelcrest you can earn your first paycheck right away after you have completed the Trading Challenge and Verification and signed an agreement with our Proprietary Trading Company. Before you start trading your first Fidelcrest Trader account (Phase 3), you will receive up to 50% profit split based on reach min. profit target in Verification, as a sign up commission. As the Fidelcrest Trader (Phase 3) you will receive up to 90% profit split payout after each trading period of 10 to 30 days.

Over each accounting period 65% of Fidelcrest Traders make profits. Depending on your strategy and ability you will either be one of them or not.


Why do I have to complete the evaluation period before you let me trade your capital and cover my possible losses?2021-11-23T11:23:06+00:00

Evaluation period is there to assess your performance and money management skills. Once you’ve completed the Verification, our proprietary trading company will be willing to allocate their funds to our live coverage account where the prop trading company pay out your share of profits with a funded account.

Why do you charge a one-off fee for me to trade?2021-03-29T14:59:09+00:00

The Challenge fee mainly covers our staff, administrative/IT and platform costs. Challenge fees also allow us to accept a maximum number of traders to increase our funding for funded traders.

The Challenge fee is a much better way to trade large amounts of trading capital compared to using a regular brokerage. We don’t have any monthly subscription fees which means our funded traders are not pushed to reach some minimum profit targets being able to make actual profits for themselves.

How do I know I will be paid my profit split?2021-11-23T11:26:31+00:00

First of all, not paying a trader would be considered as fraudulent behavior on behalf of the Fidelcrest proprietary trading company: the company is bound by the agreement with the trader, as much as the trader. Agreement is in place, to ensure that Fidelcrest as a company respect the rules of mutual cooperation.

Unlike many similar companies, Fidelcrest invests in every single trader who passes the Trading Challenge and Verification. All your trades are processed straight through (STPd) to the live market. That way, you can be sure that when you make profit, we have funds to pay out commissions as well.

This also ensures that we really do want you to be profitable and keep trader-company cooperation as long as possible. Fidelcrest has been in business continuously from 2018, there is thousands traders in our community from almost every country in the World.

How can I review or sign the agreement / approve TOU?2021-11-23T11:40:26+00:00

In order to view and approve the agreement/TOU, you must log into your Trader Area account. Choose program type, account size and strategy type and you will see link to the TOU on bottom “accept TOU”. You will receive your copy of TOU by email and all agreements are also available in digital format on dashboard.

What happens once I have made my payment?2021-11-23T11:46:37+00:00

Once payment is made, our accounts team will open an account for you with your selected broker and initial balance. You will receive an email with login information and MT4 or MT5 installation link. New accounts will be delivered normally within a few hours during business days (Monday to Friday). If you will choose Fidelcrest as your broker, you will receive an account immediately as processing has been fully automated.

We kindly ask you to read your Terms of Use document again carefully before you start trading. You can start trading your account at any time but latest within 14 days from the purchase date.

Can I get refunded after I have started trading?2021-11-23T11:51:41+00:00

The client has the right to get a refund for the ordered services within 14 days of purchasing the services (Fidelcrest Trading Challenge Evaluation Fee). Please note that this does not apply after starting to use the services, meaning opening the first trade on the allocated Challenge account. Please review: 

What payment and profit split payout methods are available?2022-03-07T18:57:43+00:00

For payments, we currently have 3 options:

  • Credit/Deposit card (all countries)
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Wire transfer
  • Bitcoin (provided by 3rd party partner)


Our proprietary trading company can pay your profit split by:

  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin transfer
What documents do I have to provide to prove my identity?2021-11-23T12:04:25+00:00

You can submit your KYC documents for review any time you have registered on the Fidelcrest Trader Area. We require you to submit your KYC documents latest before you can start the verification period phase 2.

  1. Valid Photo ID, such as a National ID, passport or driver’s license
  2. Proof of Address that has your name and current address stated and is dated within the last six months, such as a bank statement or utility bill.

To meet international AML requirements all your documents must be approved and valid before you signing an agreement with our proprietary trading company.

Are there any other fees than a one-off evaluation fee? Any monthly fees?2021-03-29T15:34:21+00:00

There is only a one-off evaluation fee and no other fees. There are no monthly fees.

How long does it take for my account to be set up?2021-03-29T15:36:12+00:00

Your account will be set up within 24h, but usually much quicker.

Do you have any country restrictions?2021-03-29T15:37:18+00:00

No we don’t. We have traders from all over the globe. Since we are not a Broker, we are able to provide these services and Funded Accounts to anyone worldwide. As a Funded Fidelcrest Trader, you will get 1:100 leverage and no FIFO-rule. You are also able to trade Fidelcrest accounts with brokers that might not accept clients from your region otherwise.

What if I lose or forget my account credentials?2021-03-29T15:39:42+00:00

In such case, please contact our customer support agents and we will send you account credentials via email again. You have to send this request from the same registered email address you have been using with Fidelcrest.

Can Fidelcrest teach you how to trade?2021-11-23T12:12:45+00:00

Fidelcrest provides funding for ALL traders who pass the evaluation. We are looking for traders who already have a basic understanding of trading the markets. However, our trading programs are designed in a way that you can learn money management skills along the way. We have a performance coach available free of charge for all Fidelcrest Traders after completing the Verification.

Our knowledgeable team will obviously help you with any questions you may have regarding our trading programs and getting funded.

Is there any support for new traders?2021-03-29T15:54:52+00:00

Yes, our friendly customer support team will always guide you through the process when needed and answer any questions you may have.

How can I get connected with other Fidelcrest traders?2021-03-29T15:56:57+00:00

You will be invited to Fidelcrest telegram group (only for traders) after you have started trading with us. 

If you are looking for references, please explore our Latest updates where you can find many trader interviews where some of our traders have also shared their contact/social media details.

Do you accept traders from the USA and Canada?2021-04-04T17:50:53+00:00

Yes! We have traders from all over the globe. Since we are not a Broker, we are able to provide these services and Funded Accounts to anyone worldwide. As a Funded Fidelcrest Trader, you will get 1:100 leverage and no FIFO-rule. You are also able to trade Fidelcrest accounts with brokers that might not accept North American clients. Just remember that you are responsible for adhering to your local taxation laws yourself.

What if I don’t want to start trading my account. Can I get refunded?2021-05-11T17:19:09+00:00

Normal refund policy applies to all accounts and programs. You can get refunded in any case if you haven’t started to trade your account and if it is less than 14 days from your account purchase.

Can I trade as a company/legal entity?2021-04-04T18:11:06+00:00

Yes, you can.

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