We have worked hard during the last 3 years to develop our trading programs to meet the needs of our trading community. All improvements are based on the feedback we get from our traders every day.

Big things have happened recently:

  1. Our investors have acknowledged that our business model works long term and they have agreed to waive most of the rules we were required to apply before
  2. We have found new investors and because of their requirements/taxation benefits, our headquarters have been relocated to Cyprus. This is due to the fact that we are in the process to become a fully licensed brokerage within the next 24 months. Operating a fully licenced brokerage will allow us to offer a full spectrum of trading services to our clients in the future
  3. We have already purchased our own MetaTrader server license and working on a setup to make the best trading experience for our clients available as soon as possible. This means that we will be able to execute orders on all funded accounts much faster than before with minimal slippage on coverage accounts
    All this means that Fidelcrest is now ready to launch completely new trading programs MicroFX+ and ProFX+

What improvements do the new trading challenge programs have compared to the old MicroFx and ProFX programs?

You can now trade as you like utilizing full buying power (1:100) without margin usage limits! There are no Rules other than the Daily Loss Limit and Total Max Loss Limit. You can trade during all News Events, hold positions overnight, and with no Stop Loss requirement. Just reach your Profit Target to move on to the Verification Phase (Step 2 FUNDED account) and keep on trading consistently with the same trading volumes you used to trade during the challenge phase!

Detailed improvements:

  • Maximum and single trade margin usage limits – REMOVED
    • You can open trades with any volume you’d like (as long as you don’t get a margin call from the broker you’re trading with)
  • Minimum amount of positive days – REMOVED
  • News event trading – ALLOWED
  • Use of Stop Loss orders – NOT REQUIRED
  • Holding positions overnight or over weekends – ALLOWED
  • Minimum trading days / Automated account monitoring:
    • MicroFX, aggressive only 5 trading days in the Challenge and 5 days in Verification!!! You can get commission after trading only 10 days
    • Other account types: 10 trading days
    • Trading day means that you have opened at least 1 position and held it minimum period of 10 seconds
    • You will receive your next phase account much faster than before. This means you don’t have to wait for the account review until the end of the trading period –  all accounts are automatically monitored so there is no need for manual reviews any more (Phase 1). If KYC documents are provided then you can start your next phase in only 3 days
  • Easy to calculate/understand fixed profit split after completing the verification phase 2:
    • Normal risk strategy: 40% of reached min profit target
    • Aggressive strategy: 50% of reached min profit target
  • No minimum profit target to receive commission with a funded account (phase 3)
  • Fixed commission of 70% of trading profits with normal risk strategy and 80% with aggressive strategy
  • No monthly fees = minimum profit targets to actually make profit

Many of our traders have asked about the opportunity to increase their trading capital. This highly requested option is now available with our new trading programs!

With the Fidelcrest Scaling Plan you will have an opportunity to double your account’s initial balance within only 12 months. This means if you start with a $400 000 initial balance account, you are able to trade $800 000 in just one year.

Read more about Scaling Plan…

How much is your commission after completing the Trading Challenge Verification (Phase 2)?

Keep in mind: Fidelcrest Traders can already start earning Profit Commission Payouts during the Verification Stage (Step 2) once you hit the minimum Profit Target!

MicroFX+ Min. Profit Target: Trader Commission:
$5,000 – Normal $250 $100
$5,000 – Aggressive $750 $375
$10,000 – Normal $500 $200
$10,000 – Aggressive $1,500 $750
$20,000 – Normal $1,000 $400
$20,000 – Aggressive $2,000 $1,000


ProFX+ Min. Profit Target: Trader Commission:
$50,000 – Normal $5,000 $2,000
$50,000 – Aggressive $10,000 $5,000
$100,000 – Normal $10,000 $4,000
$100,000 – Aggressive $20,000 $10,000
$200,000 – Normal $20,000 $8,000
$200,000 – Aggressive $40,000 $20,000
$400,000 – Normal $40,000 $20,000

How much does a Fidelcrest trader make with a Professional Funded Account (Phase 3)?
As a professional funded account trader you will earn:

  • 70% of all profits with a normal strategy account
  • 80% of all profits with an Aggressive strategy account
  • We cover all losses

Promo Codes to customize your trading challenge:

CHALLENGE FEE REFUND – Pass the Challenge Phase (Step 1) and we’ll REFUND the Evaluation Fee back to your Fidelcrest Bonus Wallet! = USE PROMO CODE “REFUND” when purchasing a trading program.

FREE 2ND CHANCE – Reaching the profit target, especially with your very first Challenge Account is not as easy as many might think. That’s why we want to give you a second try for free if you can’t reach the profit target within 30 days. However, please remember that you can’t violate any rules or hit the maximum loss limits to get the second challenge account free of charge.
Use the promo code “2NDFREE” when purchasing any of our MicroFX+ trading programs. This offer applies to all MicroFX+ account sizes and trading strategies.