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New Major Fidelcrest Updates – Relaxed Rules

Following up on our 2FOR1 promotion, we have realised what an impact having two challenge accounts has on trader’s mindset – and what an increase in performance!
So we have decided to give our traders the opportunity to choose between 3 outstanding options added to their trading programs.

1. FAST TRACK – Our 2FOR1 promotion has also made us realize how important it is for our traders to get things moving quicker. So we’ve decided to offer NO minimum trading days for all our Micro Trader Aggressive accounts.

2. Providing our traders with a second account even in case of failure, available PERMANENTLY from now on for all account types and sizes.

Wait, even if I fail the Challenge?

Yes. Even if you fail. We understand that passing your first Challenge can get more difficult than it seems. We’re also aware that some traders start trading their accounts straight-away without studying the rules for very long or completely understanding the trading objectives. So in order to prove that we want you to succeed, and because our programs also have an educational purpose, you’ll get your second chance for free, instantly.

What else ?

3. Double your capital – We’re aiming towards our traders making profits, so, we’re offering the chance to claim a second account of the same size and type when the trader passes his first Phase 3 Trading Period.

Please remember that you can only choose ONE of the above.

All you have to do in order to benefit from one of these options is to head over to and choose what’s best for your trading style / strategy.

As always, this is not the only major update. Being in our 4th profitable year & due to our recent efforts, we’ve managed to secure even more capital from our investors, hence we’re introducing $1,000,000 Accounts and $500,000 Aggressive accounts for our most profitable traders and increase the profit splits from 70% to 80% on our normal Accounts, and from 80% to 90% on our Aggressive Accounts.

On top of that, due to high demand, we’ve now added the $50,000 account size which is going to submit to Micro Trader rules. So yes, 5% profit target for 50,000$ Accounts.

Even though we’ve relaxed the trading environment, remember that Fidelcrest is always looking for consistent, responsible traders.

A responsible trading behaviour in the market is the formula for success in the Trading Business.

Happy Trading!

Team Fidelcrest.

Fidelcrest is a prop firm that provides funding for traders worldwide with up to $1,000,000 in capital. Traders can start receiving profit split payouts during the Verification Stage (Step 2).

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