Why Trade Forex and The Advantages of Forex Trading

There are tons of benefits and advantages to trading forex and getting your hands on a piece of a massive global market.

There are absolutely no fixed lot size

On most exchanges and futures markets, lot and contracts sizes are predetermined. In example, standard-sized contracts for futures on silver are 5,000 ounces.

In forex trading, it’s possible to trade much smaller lot sizes and place smaller positions on trades. This creates an opportunity for traders to open trades with just 1,000 units.

It’s a 24-hour market that is global

There is no waiting or countdowns to opening bells as with the New York Stock exchange, stock trading or options trading. The forex markets are literally open 24/5 so you can take advantage of various trading sessions that best suit your needs and trading style.


Leverage gives traders the ability to make nice profits while at the same time keeping their risk on capital to a minimum. Although it can be a double-edged sword, if risk management is properly maintained, that leaves room for a tremendous amount of upside.

Deep Liquidity

Because the Forex Markets are so massive, there is also extreme liquidity.

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