Yaro, from Belgium, is a highly disciplined Trader who was able to pass the $20K Challenge. We reached out to Yaro to get some feedback about  Trading and Fidelcrest. Here’s the interview…

Fidelcrest: Tell us a little about yourself. Where you’re from and how you got started Trading?

Yaro: I am from Belgium, I started trading to make some money. I quickly realised that this is very difficult with my own capital. That is why I was looking for some options for a funded account and then I came across Fidelcrest.

Fidelcrest: How long have you been Trading? (Demo and Real Accounts.)

Yaro: I did not actually trade on demo account for a long time. I wanted to make money right away by starting with a live account. Because of this I lost a lot of money. After this I taught myself how to be profitable in trading and I think I have now found a consistent trading strategy.

Fidelcrest: What is your overall experience working with Fidelcrest?

Yaro: I really like the way Fidelcrest works the support agents are always ready to help you with anything.

Fidelcrest: What Instruments do you trade?

Yaro: I trade forex pairs, usually GBPJPY . And I also trade US30 index.

Fidelcrest: What Broker did you choose to Trade your Challenge?

Yaro: ICMarkets

Fidelcrest: How long do you typically hold your trades open for?

Yaro: 1-3 days

Fidelcrest: Any tips or advice you would like to share with the Fidelcrest Trading Community?

Yaro: Risk management is very important.