Congratulations to Adeyanju T. for completing the Verification Stage (Step 2)  and receiving a profit split payout of $8,000 via BTC!

Quick Stats About Trader Adeyanju:

  • Instruments Traded: XAUUSD
  • Broker Used: Tradeview
  • Account Type: $200K Normal (View program info for $200K Normal Challenge)
  • Profit Percentage Achieved: 10.31%
  • Number of Trading Days: 13
  • Number of Trades Taken: 103
  • Win Rate: 91.26%
  • Largest Daily Loss: 2.66%
  • Average Lots: 0.83
  • Trader Location: Nigeria

Fidelcrest is a prop firm that provides funding for traders worldwide with up to $400K in capital. Traders can start receiving profit split payouts during the Verification Stage (Step 2).