The Fidelcrest Referral Program is your way to profit while also helping new traders profit. We reward you for extending our reach to new skilled traders. To refer a new trader, sign up for a URL link and share. If your referral leads to the acceptance of the new trader, according to the terms, you will be immediately rewarded. The percentage is calculated according to the sign up fee paid by the referred trader.

Who Is This For?

Registered Fidelcrest Traders who want to refer their friends and earn bonus to their Fidelcrest wallet. Bonus balance can be used to purchase Fidelcrest services with discounted prices. If you are an online marketing professional and you want to earn real money, we’ll suggest applying to Fidelcrest Affiliate Program.

Refer Your Friends >> They Get A Sign Up Bonus >> You Get A Bonus!

1st referred trader: for you 10% bonus ($10 sign up bonus to your friend)

2nd referred trader: for you 15% bonus ($25 sign up bonus to your friend)

3rd referred trader: for you 20% bonus ($50 sign up bonus to your friend)

4rd referred trader: for you 25% bonus ($75 sign up bonus to your friend)

+5th referred trader: for you 30% bonus ($100 sign up bonus to your friend)

How It Works

1. Each Fidelcrest trader has an unique referral URL/Identification code. You can find this code after sign in (Trader Area Dashboard  page)

2. You can recommend Fidelcrest and share this URL to your friends 3. If your friend will register by clicking your referral URL and purchase any services, the referral (You) and your referred friend will earn a bonus. Reward bonus will be added to your wallet after your friend has made his/her first purchase and a sign up bonus to and your friends wallet automatically after registration.

No. You can start right away! Just copy your link and share it with your friends.

Reward is calculated from the amount your referral has paid.

Unfortunately we can’t share trading profits with referrals.

You will receive a bonus to your wallet. Details from all referred purchases can be found in your
Fidelcrest Account Dashboard.

Your bonus is automatically added to your Fidelcrest Wallet Balance. You can use your Bonus towards the purchase of any Fidelcrest Challenge.

No problem! It happens. If your friend can confirm he registered through you, we can credit your account manually.

No you can’t. You can only use one at a time.

No you can’t. Referral Bonus can only be used towards the purchase of a Fidelcrest Challenge. (Want to make cash that gets paid out monthly to your Bank Account? Sign Up to our Affiliate Program)

No. Referral Bonus must be used by you from within your account.

No! Our system triggers alerts whenever someone tries to game the system. We’ll close your account and all credits will be forfeited without recovery. (This is a strict rule!)