How Prop Firms Provide Funding For Traders

Prop Firms, like Fidelcrest, provide funding for traders and let them manage the firms capital while giving the majority of Profit Share to the Trader based on performance.

Let’s be completely honest! The overwhelming majority of traders lack the capital needed in order to trade full-time.

It’s the same story over and over again. You work hard and spend countless months (even years) perfecting your trading on demo accounts. Most even take the leap to try and “get lucky” by throwing a couple hundred bucks into a real account. But the stress from taking a $100 account and turning that into $2,000 per month income can take a toll.

Imagine taking that same “couple hundred bucks”, and instead of trying to scale that little capital to thousands…you leverage our firms capital.

It’s a lot easier making $2,000 per month from a $10K funded trading account than it is scaling a $100 account and making that same $2,000 per month.

MicroFX Funded Trading Account | funding for traders

The MicroFX Funded Trading Account is the perfect option for traders on a budget who want to leverage larger account sizes to start growing quickly and make profits that actually make a difference in their lives.

The account sizes available are: $5K, $10K, and $20K

Get full details for the MicroFX funded trading account.

ProFX Funded Trading Account

The ProFX funded trading account is geared towards professional level traders who want to leverage account sizes ranging from $50K to $400K with up to 80% profit splits.

All information about Fidelcrest and funding for traders can be found by looking over the information provided on our website. Fidelcrest offers MicroFX Trading Accounts and ProFX Trading Accounts. 

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