Pat Bailouni is a mindset & performance consultant for financial market traders.

He uses his understanding of human behaviour and psychology (Demartini Method Ⓡ Facilitator) to progress serious traders.

With 5+ years of trading experience and 3+ years of performance coaching experience under his belt, he is able to tailor his ’12 Laws for Human Excellence’ to help traders excel.

Having experienced mindset challenges as a financial market trader in his own journey, Pat studied under some great minds in psychology & human behaviour (namely, Dr. John Demartini – IAOTP’s Top Human Behaviour Specialist in the world for 2020). From these studies, Pat created his laws and tools that would put him in a position to succeed as a trader, all of which he uses to help his clients succeed in their own journeys.

Sessions with Pat are specifically designed for individuals who want to develop a peak-performing mindset to ensure they can trade successfully – without sacrificing the other areas of their lives.

Fidelcrest Partnership with Pat Bailoune

BENEFITS: Trading Mindset Mastery Program for Fidelcrest Traders (who have completed the Verification) FREE OF CHARGE!

About the Program:

Trading Mindset Mastery Program is a week 4 program to progress serious traders. The program includes insights into your mindset to ensure your continued success in the markets. You will get access to cutting-edge psychology education and powerful trading mindset tools.

What’s included?

  • Week 1: Your inner wiring (beat procrastination, gain motivation & discipline)
  • Week 2: Master-plan (clear on your goals as a trader)
  • Week 3: Achievement masterclass (the secrets to achieving your goals)
  • Week 4: Trading plan mastery (gain consistency & success in the markets while lowering your emotions)

Outcomes of completing the program?

  1. Clarity on who you are as a person & a trader.
  2. A Master Plan for your trading & life.
  3. A clear action plan on how to achieve your goals in all areas of life.
  4. Discipline and motivation to execute on your goals.
  5. Clarity in your trading plan and strategy.
  6. Consistency in the markets & lowered emotions.


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