Fidelcrest Trading Challenge is an evaluation service including following services:

  • Account set up with chosen options (normally within 3 business hours but latest within 72 business hours)
    • Trading program type
    • Initial Capital
    • Trading strategy
    • 3rd party Brokerage
    • Trading platform
  • Automated 24/7 account monitoring
  • 24/5 Trader support during the business days (Live Chat and Email)
  • Manual account review after the trading period of 30 business days if the agreed profit target has been reached, trader hasn’t violated rules and all trading objectives have been met. Manual account review will be completed within 3 business days. Trader receives account review results to his/her email address.
  • Diploma for traders who have successfully passed the Trading Challenge evaluation (phases 1 and 2) certifying that the Trader has successfully completed Fidelcrest Trading Challenge Evaluation program.

Fidelcrest Trading Challenge Programs include two trading periods of maximum 30 business days each. The trading period will start when the trader opens his/her first position. Fidelcrest stores Trading Challenge account history for at least 90 days. Trading history is available for 3rd party review on MyFxBook. If the trader will complete the Trading Challenge, the Trader will be introduced to the proprietary trading company/investor who will offer funded trading account program to the trader according to the agreement between the trader and the proprietary trading company/investor.

When has the Trading Challenge Program been delivered?
Trading program has been fully delivered once purchased account and monitoring has been set up, the credentials have been sent to your email address and the trader has opened his/her first position. The trader must start trading delivered account within 14 days from the purchase. Trading program can also end earlier in case the trader has violated agreed trading rules or objectives during the trading period. In this case trader will receive email about account/trading program cancellation within 72 business hours from the violation. Trader has the right to require manual account review in case  profit target has been reached and trader hasn’t violated any agreed rules but account has been cancelled by Fidelcrest due to possible technical error with automated trading monitoring system hosted by Fidelcrest. Fidelcrest is not responsible in any errors due to involvement of 3rd party service providers.