Vuong D., from Vietnam, was the winner of the $20K MicroFX Competition Group. Vuong met the 10% minimum Profit Target and had the highest Profit in the group with 13.52% and won a FREE $200K Verification Account. We reached out to him to get to know more about his Trading, experience with Fidelcrest, and for tips he would like to share with the Trading Community.

Fidelcrest: Tell us a little about yourself. Where you’re from and how you got started Trading?

Vuong: I’m a pretty open-minded person. I’m come from VIETNAM. I started with my research and started demo trading from the beginning of 2019. I need a stable source of capital and large enough to execute my strategy safely.

Fidelcrest: How long have you been Trading? (Demo and Real Accounts.)

Vuong: 2 Years.

Fidelcrest: What is your overall experience working with Fidelcrest?

Vuong: I feel comfortable with Fidelcrest’s trading steps. And the way you support is great.

Fidelcrest: What Instruments do you trade?


Fidelcrest: What Broker did you choose to Trade your Challenge?

Vuong: IC Markets

Fidelcrest: How long do you typically hold your trades open for?

Vuong: About 1 or 2 days. With XAUUSD, i don’t think we should hold trades too long.

Fidelcrest: Any tips or advice you would like to share with the Fidelcrest Trading Community?

Vuong: Always be patient, to win you must know how to defend well. Let the time work for you.