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Scaling Plan

Once you have completed the Trading Challenge and Verification and signed up with our Proprietary Trading company you can take advantage of Fidelcrest Trader Program’s Scaling Plan. You will have an opportunity to double your account’s initial balance within 12 months from the moment you have completed your first Professional Account trading period. We add an additional 25% of your initial capital to your account’s balance every 3 months if you meet our requirements. The Scaling Plan applies to all Micro and Pro Trader account types and sizes.

In order to be eligible for a 25% increase in capital, a trader must show a gain of at least 15% in total for 3 consecutive months (that’s an average of 5% gain per month and all months have to end up positive) and the balance needs to be above the starting balance of trader’s Professional Account balance at the time of scale-up. If the balance is below the initial balance of a Professional Account, the 25% increase will take place when account balance is positive again at the end of trading period.

We will add 25% on top of your initial balance every 3 months as long as previously explained conditions are met until you reach 100% account balance increase. Profit split will increase by 5% after each scaling cycle has been completed.

The below table shows you the development of your account balance with a $500 000 initial balance normal strategy Fidelcrest Trader Account:

Time*: Initial Capital (Profit Split):
0 months $500 000 / 70%
3 months $625 000 / 75%
6 months $750 00 / 80%
9 months $875 000 / 85%
12 months $1 000 000 / 90%

(*) Elapsed time from the start of your Professional Account

From the table above, you can see that you will be trading double the capital already within 12 months! This scaling plan is designed to give an opportunity for our long term profitable traders to earn even more on a monthly basis.

Scaling plan is valid only for accounts purchased before program updates published on 15.02.2022.

When am I eligible to join your Scaling Plan?2021-11-23T12:30:39+00:00

All traders who have completed their first trading period with a Professional Account can opt for Fidelcrest Scaling Plan to reach $1,000,000 in account balance.

How long does it take to double my initial balance with Fidelcrest Scaling Plan?2021-04-02T16:34:08+00:00

It only takes 12 months to double your initial balance. That is quicker than any other proprietary trading company is offering.

What is the maximum amount I can trade with Fidelcrest Scaling Plan?2021-11-23T12:29:52+00:00

After 12 months, you can be trading $1,000 000.

What do I have to do in order to start with Fidelcrest Scaling Plan?2021-04-02T16:34:28+00:00

After you have completed your first trading period with a Professional Account, please contact our customer support team to ask for an Agreement for the Scaling plan. After agreement is signed, you will automatically be added to Fidelcrest Scaling Plan.

Can I trade more than $1 000 000 with Fidelcrest Scaling Plan?2021-11-23T12:31:54+00:00

We can make certain exceptions to allow keep on scaling after one year if the trader has shown exceptional gains and good risk management with their Professional Account.


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