Micro Trader Program

Fidelcrest Micro Trader Evaluation and Prop Trading Program is an excellent opportunity to test your trading skills and strategy before entering to bigger account sizes. Our program teaches basic trading and risk management skills with possibility to start earning real money after completing only 1 phase.




up to $3,750


up to 90%




5% or 15%


70% or 80%

Micro Trader Account Types

Bigger Account Sizes

Micro Trader Program Phases

Get your trading skills evaluated – Reach minimum profit target without violating loss limits – Start trading our Proprietary Trading Company capital – Keep up to 90% of profits

Detailed Explanations of Trading Objectives:

Before we allow you to trade for our Proprietary Trading Firm, we need to be sure that you can manage risk. For this reason, we developed Trading Objectives. By meeting the Trading Objectives, you prove that you are a disciplined and experienced trader. Your trading style is entirely up to you; we don’t set any limits on instruments or position size you trade.

STEP 1: Trading Challenge phase

  • Prove that you can trade by reaching min. profit target within 30 calendar days without violating any rules or trading objectives.
  • You can require an account review after you have closed all open positions and min. trading days objective have been met.
  • Once the Challenge phase has been completed you are ready to enter Verification phase and start earning real money.
  • If you will violate any rules or objectives, your challenge account will be failed. All Fidelcrest accounts have automatic 24/7 monitoring.

STEP 2: Verification phase

  • Continue trading with a verification account and prove during the max 60 days trading period you weren’t just lucky in the challenge phase. Upon successful completion you will keep up to 50% of reached profit target.

STEP 3: Fidelcrest Trader

  • You can now start trading Fidelcrest proprietary trading firm’s capital without profit targets as long as you won’t reach max. loss limits. Your commission is up to 80% of all profits made after each trading period of 5 trading days to 30 days.
  • You can require an account review after you have closed all open positions and min. trading days objective have been met.

Trading Challenge period starts any time you will open your position and it will end after 30 calendar days. In verification phase trading period is extended to 60 calendar days.

To meet this objective, depending on chosen trading strategy, you must trade for 5 to 10 trading days during the trading period. At least one position must be opened on each of these days.

  • A trading day means a day when at least one trade is executed
  • If a trade is held over multiple days, the day when the trade was executed is considered as the trading day.
  • You can proceed to the next phase without need to wait until the maximum trading period of 30 or 60 days will end

This rule can also be called “account stop-loss”. Maximum Loss is the difference between your highest recorded balance and your current equity.

Depending on your trading program, phase and chosen trading strategy the difference between highest recorded balance and subsequent lowest equity cannot reach below 5% – 20%.

For example if the maximum loss is 5%, here is the formula for Maximum Loss calculation:

  • Current Equity / Highest Recorded Balance x 100% = must be over 95% at all times.

This rule can also be called “trader’s daily stop-loss”. The rule says that in any moment of the day (EE(S)T – Eastern European Summer Time), the result of all closed positions in sum with the currently open floating P/Ls (profits/losses) must not hit the determined daily loss limit. 

The counting formula: Current daily loss = results of closed positions of this day + result of open positions.

Maximum leverage with all accounts is 1:100.

Depending on chosen trading strategy and phase the minimum profit target to complete the phase or earn commission is set between 5% to 20% of the initial balance. Profit target means that a trader reaches a profit of at least 5% to 20% of the initial account balance in the sum of closed positions on the assigned trading account in 30 trading days. Also, at the end of the trading period, all positions must be closed.

For example: If you trade Challenge with $10,000 capital targeting min. 10% = your profit target is $1,000.

After you have completed the Verification period (Phase 2), minimum profit target will be removed. You can trade your phase 3 accounts as long as you won’t reach max loss limits or violate other rules or objectives.

You can choose one of available bonus options to customize your trading challenge:

(A) Double your Capital: Second account for free after you have made profit in phase 3 (Max capital per trader 1M. Not available when purchasing 1M account)

(B) Second Chance For Free: Second account for free if you fail your first Challenge phase (for all account sizes and types)

(C) Fast Track – No minimum trading days: Micro Trader Aggressive accounts only

Find out more about Free Bonus options HERE.

Why Fidelcrest? The fastest evaluation program to start managing prop trading firm capital up to 1 Million USD – Super simple rules and minimum amount of objectives – News event trading allowed – No limits on instruments or volume traded – The biggest account sizes up to $1M (without scaling plan!)– No country restrictions – One-time fee only (no recurrent charges or other fees) – Fair profit split up to 90%, paid always in time


How Does it Work?

Our business is to find, train and evaluate Forex, CFDs and various types of traders to trade Fidelcrest Proprietary Trading Company capital.

Fidelcrest Trading Challenge, established in 2018, is an Evaluation course for traders designed to discover traders who can make sustainable long term profits. Upon successful completion of the Trading Challenge and Verification, you will be recommended to the Fidelcrest Proprietary Firm to manage the Fidelcrest Trader account with a balance up to 1 Million USD and receive up to 90% profit split.

All Fidelcrest Trades who have completed the Verification and signed to the Fidelcrest Trader program will receive a sign up commission based on their performance during the Verification. It means that when choosing a FAST TRACK Bonus Option, you can start earning real money ONLY after a minimum of 2 trading days.


The Fidelcrest Trading Challenge is open to traders Worldwide, including the United States and Canada. One of the biggest obstacles most traders face is not having enough Trading Capital.

We solve that! Take the Challenge. Pass. Get Funded!

Trading Platform

Raw Spreads starting from 0 pips and 0 CommissionsFidelcrest Markets trading terminal has been designed to offer a technical platform for Fidelcrest Traders only. This means you get the absolute best trading conditions on the market. Instant account opening – Start trading straight-away.



Fidelcrest Traders trade +175 products with spreads and commissions designed for proprietary trading. Trade Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stocks and more!


Leverage Rates

Fidelcrest Trading Platform accounts have a leverage rate up to 1:100. This applies for all traders even from US, Canada and EU -countries.


Account Analytics & Automated Monitoring

Our proprietary software helps to track trading progress and objectives. Important account metrics are available on the Trader Area and all accounts are automatically monitored 24/7.


One-time fee only & Fair profit split

No recurrent charges, no membership or other hidden fees. Fair profit split model up to 90%. Our traders earn first commission after completing the Verification phase.


Trader Support & Customer Satisfaction

Our friendly and knowledgeable Team, located in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa is always ready to support and answer any questions you may have. We are open 24h every business day.

Any Questions? Let’s Talk!