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Connecting Traders with Capital


For most traders one of the biggest problems they come across is not having enough Capital to trade and earn a comfortable income. They might have a solid trading strategy and start trading on a couple hundred dollars without having the ability to really scale their profits. If they do, it could take a while to grow a very small account.

As Traders and Investors, we know exactly what Traders go through and the frustrations they face. 

That’s why we created Fidelcrest. A Proprietary Trading Firm that gives retail traders the ability to access larger Capital and really make a difference in their lives. Fidelcrest is a global operating company having its headquarters in Nicosia Cyprus, that welcomes ordinary traders to take our Challenge Verification and if they pass…They can manage up to $1M from anywhere in the world. 

Fidelcrest is actively searching for Traders with excellent Risk Management Skills and a Solid Profitable Trading Strategy. In other words, we’re looking for Traders who can manage accounts properly and grow at a steady rate. Not a Gamblers mindset.

With that being said, Traders go through our Challenge Verification and need to meet specific Profit Targets Without Violating any of the Challenge rules such as Maximum Daily Losses and more. Traders can get funded in as little as 10 trading days and must meet Profit Targets within 30 days in order to pass.

Fidelcrest is a Prop Trading Firm that provides Funding for Traders worldwide.

What is a proprietary trading company?2021-11-23T10:49:06+00:00

Proprietary Trading Company is a company which invests its own resources in a trader instead of using clients’ money. Prop trading involves using the capital of a company to trade different markets for profit. A prop trader gets a share of the profits they make on behalf of invested capital. Fidelcrest Trading Challenge trains and evaluates traders to start trading our proprietary trading company’s capital.

What’s your story?2021-03-29T16:36:45+00:00

Fidelcrest was founded in 2018 by a team of Forex traders and professionals. Our management team has over 10 years of experience working at international brokerage companies. During that time, we saw it’s difficult if not impossible for an average retail trader to generate enough profits with a regular brokerage account since funding an account adequately was the biggest issue. 

This is when we saw an opportunity to start a proprietary trading company to help retail traders and our investors alike to make steady gains over long periods of time.

We copy all trades from funded accounts to our live coverage accounts with our liquidity providers where we pay out your share of profits each trading period. Our coverage accounts have strict money management rules in place which are monitored by our proprietary trading software.

What is your business model?2021-11-23T12:17:19+00:00

Our business is to find, train and evaluate Forex, CFDs and Crypto traders to trade Fidelcrest Proprietary Trading Company capital.

How long have you been in business?2021-11-23T12:20:58+00:00

Fidelcrest has been in business since 2018 and we are here for the long term. Our main goal was to become a well known international Forex brand. We have thousands active traders from almost every country in the World. Fidelcrest has been awarded as the Best Micro Forex provider in Europe in 2021.

Are you a broker?2021-11-23T12:24:40+00:00

Fidelcrest does not accept any client deposits and is not a broker. Our business is to find, train and evaluate traders for our proprietary trading company. Proprietary Trading Company is a company which invests its own resources in a trader instead of using clients’ money. Prop trading involves using the capital of a company to trade different markets for profit. A prop trader gets a share of the profits they make on behalf of invested capital.

Are you FCA regulated?2021-11-23T12:37:40+00:00

We do not hold clients money or trade for the public. We are not a broker and do not require FCA regulation. All our proprietary trading company’s funds are held by our FCA regulated broker.

Do you make profits with evaluation fees?2021-03-29T17:20:29+00:00

Evaluation fee mainly covers our staff, administrative/IT and platform costs. Challenge fees also allow us to accept a maximum number of traders to increase our funding for funded traders.

Our company also generates profits on trading. That is why we have designed our trading programs in a way you as a trader can make profits for yourself and Fidelcrest alike.

Do you trade?2021-11-23T12:39:47+00:00

Fidelcrest Ltd (Cyprus) only evaluates traders and introduces traders to our 3rd party proprietary trading company who manages risk on its own live coverage accounts.

Where do you get trading capital?2021-11-23T12:48:19+00:00

Fidelcrest Trading Challenge and Verification are traded with demo accounts provided by 3rd party brokers so there is no real money involved.

Our partnering proprietary trading company has a pool of Investors and Investor Capital that is allocated towards live trading accounts. The proprietary trading company provided traders with access to this capital once they became a Fidelcrest Trader.

Where are you located?2021-11-23T12:53:08+00:00

Fidelcrest Ltd headquarters are located in Nicosia, Cyprus. Our IT department is located in Tallinn, Estonia and we have local operating representatives all over the World including UK, Germany, USA, Malaysia, Spain, Australia, Chile, Turkey, Romania, Ecuador, Nigeria and South Africa. Our proprietary trading company is located in SVG.

How many traders do you have?2021-03-29T17:39:56+00:00

We have currently 6000+ traders from all over the world and the number is increasing every month – we are here for the long run.

Do you have any open positions?2021-06-18T12:39:46+00:00

Fidelcrest is constantly looking for professionals who can contribute to our growth. Please visit on our corporate website for more information about job opportunities: https://fidelcrestgroup.eu

How to invest in Fidelcrest?2021-06-18T12:56:10+00:00

For more information about investment opportunities and offers please visit: https://fidelcrestgroup.eu/investors/

COMPANY NAME Fidelcrest Ltd
Registration number: HE413263
Tax number: CY10413263L
Registered address: Arch. Makariou III & 1-7 Evagorou, MITSI 3, 1st floor, office 102 C, 1065 Nicosia, Cyprus
Corporate URL: www.fidelcrestgroup.eu
Customer support: support(at)fidelcrest.com
Audited: Yes
UBOs: Private investors. Please contact us for more information.

Fidelcrest is a fast growing prop Forex trading company. Our business is to find skilled Forex traders who can make sustainable long term profits. Once we have found traders who have proved they can trade, we introduce them to private and institutional investors.

Our services

Our Trading Challenge concept teaches these trading and risk management skills which are required to become a professional trader or a fund manager. We have made trading accessible and inclusive for everyone. We have traders from more than 150 different countries who have been able to kick start their career through us and are now able to make their living by trading.

Joining the Fidelcrest Team is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone! If you are interested in the above position please send your CV and motivational letter by form below or email to careers(at)fidelcrest.com

Open positions in Fidelcrest

Problem solvers and creative thinkers. Doers and builders. Put your talents to use where opportunities are limitless, and every day makes a difference. Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working at Fidelcrest could be a challenging and rewarding next step in your career.


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