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Q & A – The Trading Challenge

What do I have to do to complete the challenge phase?2021-03-29T18:57:50+00:00
  1. Reach the profit target within 30 calendar days
  2. Not to hit daily or maximum loss limits
  3. To reach a minimum amount of trading days (Normal strategy 10, aggressive 5). Trading day = you have to open at least one position every trading day
  4. To close all positions after you have reached the profit target and minimum amount of trading days
What happens after I have completed the Challenge phase?2021-11-23T12:59:11+00:00

Congratulations! You can now start your Verification period and reach same profit target again to prove you weren’t just lucky. Your maximum trading period will be exceeded to 60 days, though you can require an account review right after min. trading days are full, you have reached required profit target and closed all open positions.

Before starting your Verification account, you have to upload required KYC documents in the Trader area and sign an agreement (digitally in the Trader area). 

Verification trading periods always start on Mondays 2pm EE(S)T. You will receive your new account credentials normally at least 4 hours before the agreed start time via email.

Can I trade multiple challenge accounts at the same time?2021-03-29T19:02:22+00:00

No you can’t – it’s only allowed to trade one Challenge account at a time.

Can I get my evaluation fee refunded after completing the challenge?2021-11-23T13:02:04+00:00

Yes! This offer applies to all MicroFX+ account sizes and trading strategies. You will get your evaluation fee refunded to your bonus wallet if you have used promo code “REFUND” when purchasing the trading challenge, if you have paid normal price (not used any other discount codes or your bonus balance) and after you have completed the challenge phase. You can’t withdraw funds from the bonus wallet but you can use the balance for example to purchase new challenge accounts.

What instruments can I trade?2021-12-23T23:58:20+00:00

Fidelcrest Traders trade +175 products with spreads and commissions designed for proprietary trading. This includes but not limited to: FX, CFDs, Cryptos, Metals, Commodities, Stock CFDs. More details on

What trading platforms can I use?2021-12-23T23:59:48+00:00

With Fidelcrest, you can trade using MT4. Raw Spreads starting from 0 pips and 0 Commissions – Fidelcrest Markets trading terminal has been designed to offer a technical platform for Fidelcrest Traders only. This means you get the absolute best trading conditions on the market. Instant account opening – Start trading straight-away.

How long is the trading period?2021-11-23T13:12:46+00:00

In trading Challenge phase the trading period is always 30 calendar days. In Verification you will have up to 60 calendar days time to reach required min. profit target.

What is the minimum time to complete the trading challenge phase?2021-11-23T13:14:11+00:00

Minimum trading period is 5 trading days (Micro Trader Aggressive).

Is there a positive days requirement?2021-03-29T19:10:38+00:00

No, there isn’t.

What if I have losing trades?2021-03-29T19:11:49+00:00

All losses are covered by Fidelcrest. That is the reason why we have Maximum loss limits to prevent losing all of allocated trading capital and protect investor funds

How are maximum loss and daily loss limits calculated?2021-07-13T17:13:19+00:00

Maximum loss: This rule can also be called “account stop-loss”. Maximum Loss is the difference between your highest recorded balance and your current equity.


Maximum daily loss: This rule can also be called “trader’s daily stop-loss”. The rule says that in any moment of the day (EE(S)T – Eastern European Summer Time), the daily equity decrease must not hit the predetermined limit.  The counting formula: Current daily loss = equity at the start of the day – current equity.

What if I can’t reach the profit target in the challenge?2021-03-29T19:18:32+00:00

In such a case, you can try again by purchasing a new Challenge account.

Is news event trading allowed in the Trading Challenge?2021-03-29T19:20:18+00:00

Yes, you can trade news but please be careful as high impact economic news releases can cause extremely volatile market conditions.

Do I have to place Stop/Loss orders?2021-03-30T10:02:39+00:00

No, you don’t. you are not required to use stop loss orders but it is recommended that you do.

Is swing trading allowed?2021-11-23T13:20:08+00:00

All aggressive strategy account are Swing accounts. Yes , swing trading is allowed when choosing the Aggressive Strategy.

Do you allow overnight positions?2021-03-29T19:23:38+00:00

Yes, you can keep trades overnight.

Do I have to close positions for weekends/trading holidays?2021-03-29T19:24:43+00:00

No, in the Trading Challenge you can keep trades open over weekends and trading holidays.

When do I have to close all positions?2021-11-23T13:23:29+00:00

All positions have to be liquidated before the trading period can be reviewed and before the period ends.

Can I use EA or robots?2021-04-05T20:24:15+00:00

Fidelcrest and its investors are mostly looking for real traders who can trade based on their own analysis and don’t rely on EA’s or trading robots. However, since our business is to find profitable traders, an exception for EA’s and trading robots might be granted by our Risk Team. In order to get such exception, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Please remember that showing proper risk management is one of the key values we look for in our traders.

Can I copy-trade or let someone else trade my account?2021-03-29T19:27:10+00:00

Copying trades from another account is not allowed due to risk management, nor are you allowed to let a 3rd party trade your account.

Can I trade however I like?2021-03-29T19:28:16+00:00

Yes, your trading strategy is totally up to you but we’re looking for consistency with your trading during all phases.

Why can’t I get a share of profits in the Challenge phase?2021-11-23T13:26:29+00:00

Challenge phase is designed to evaluate your trading and risk management skills with a demo account. Your trades won’t be executed on real markets so there is no profit to share in the real world. Once you complete the Verification and signed agreement with our proprietary trading company, you will receive a sign up commission based on your performance in Verification. The sign up commission is up to 50% of reached minimum profit target in the Verification.

When am I eligible to join your Scaling Plan?2021-11-23T12:30:39+00:00

All traders who have completed their first trading period with a Professional Account can opt for Fidelcrest Scaling Plan to reach $1,000,000 in account balance.

How long does it take to double my initial balance with Fidelcrest Scaling Plan?2021-04-02T16:34:08+00:00

It only takes 12 months to double your initial balance. That is quicker than any other proprietary trading company is offering.

What is the maximum amount I can trade with Fidelcrest Scaling Plan?2021-11-23T12:29:52+00:00

After 12 months, you can be trading $1,000 000.

What do I have to do in order to start with Fidelcrest Scaling Plan?2021-04-02T16:34:28+00:00

After you have completed your first trading period with a Professional Account, please contact our customer support team to ask for an Agreement for the Scaling plan. After agreement is signed, you will automatically be added to Fidelcrest Scaling Plan.

Can I trade more than $1 000 000 with Fidelcrest Scaling Plan?2021-11-23T12:31:54+00:00

We can make certain exceptions to allow keep on scaling after one year if the trader has shown exceptional gains and good risk management with their Professional Account.


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